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Katowice, Piotra Skargi St.
shopping centre

5 superstructure levels
retail/restaurants/garages space
1 substructure level

Usable floor area: 46 000 m2

Architects: Konior Studio
Investor: DH SUPERSAM KATOWICE Sp. z o.o.
Construction time: 2013–2015

Scope of design work:
– Conceptual design
– Building Permit design
– Tender design
– Execution design


Structure description:

Building is situated in very centre of the Katowice city. Dimensions in plan are 139 x 61-79 m. The building structure has been designed as cast-in-place reinforced concrete, slab-column structure stabilized with centrally orientated shear cores. Slabs made of post tensioned concrete. Structural system of the underground part of the building consists of perimeter slurry walls, supported laterally by basement floor slabs and by the foundation slab.


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