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Platinum Towers
Warsaw, Grzybowska St.
complex of residential buildings
with service space and underground garages

Two towers:
3 basement levels
22 superstructure levels
Usable floor area: approx. 45,000 m2
Total floor area: approx. 54,000 m2

Architect: Piotr Majewski, MWH Architects
Investor: Grzybowska Centrum Sp. z o.o.
Construction time: 2005 – ...

Scope of design work:

Constructional design
Execution design

Structure description:
The three-level basement is enclosed with 60/80 cm thick slurry walls which act as exterior structural walls. The column grid in the underground garage is irregular with maximum span of 10.5 m. Basement slabs (27 cm/32 cm thick) and the ground floor slab (25 cm/30 cm/32.5 cm/40 cm thick) are binderless and supported on slurry walls on the perimeter, whereas superstructure slabs have ribs supported directly on core walls and binders; binders are supported on columns placed between windows. The spatial rigidity of the building is provided by reinforced-concrete cores, enclosing elevator shafts and staircases, that are connected by floor slabs with columns to form a spatial framework, The core walls are 40 cm thick in the basement and 30 cm thick walls on superstructure levels, while the interior walls are 20 cm thick.

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