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Hotel Intercontinental
Warsaw, Emilii Plater St.
hotel building

5 basement levels
45 superstructure levels
Usable floor area: 45,523 m2
Total floor area: 56,000 m2
Height: 164 m

Architect: Tadeusz Spychała
Contractor: PORR Projekt und Hochbau AG
Investor: Sienna Hotel Sp. z o.o.
Construction time: 2001 – 2003

Scope of design work:
Co-designers with PORR Austria; structure design verification at each phase of the design process.

Structure description:
The substructure consists of perimeter slurry walls as well as core walls and columns. The foundation mat is locally (at critical points) supported on barrettes. Up to the 21 floor, the superstructure consists of walls and columns, as well as a 50 m high triangular column, which, together with the lower part of the building, supports the levels 21 to 45. From the level 21 up, there is a number of exterior or interior reinforced concrete discs (of max. span of 25.0 m), which act as additional load-bearing structural members. At the building front, there is a box girder, from which several lower levels are suspended by steel hangers (large-size tubes); as a result, the lowest two levels offer column-free space, which is visible in the main lobby.

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