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Sea Towers
Gdynia, Nabrzeże Prezydenta St.
apartment complex with service/office space

Tower A:
36 superstructure levels
Height: 138 m (incl. mast)
Tower B:
28 superstructure levels
Height: 118 m
Usable floor area:
Residential space: 21,400 m2
Service outlets: approx. 1,000 m2
Recreational complex: 1,300 m2
Office space: approx. 4,100 m2
Parking places: approx. 400

Andrzej Kapuścik
A.Kapuścik – Architectural Office
Investor: Invest Komfort S.A.
Construction time: 2005 – 2008  

Scope of design work:
Constructional design
Execution design

Structure description:

The building has been designed as a monolithic reinforced-concrete structure. Load-bearing system: slab-and-column framework with a main shear system formed by service core walls in the tower parts of the building.

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